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Public image and reputation are intricately linked to a company’s corporate strength, values, corporate governance and social standing. Good reputation and good public image carries additional weight, corporate strength and brings extra value in whatever the company engages in.

Image can affect a company’s bottom line. Good image helps companies sell more and raise public perception about its products and services.

It takes years to develop image and reputation, but minutes to lose. It is therefore, crucial for any businesses to develop and maintain a good public image and reputation. The whole idea of public relations is to manage public image and reputation. We advise clients on public image and help them develop strategies on image and reputation management and enhancement.

Image matters because people make assumptions and judgements based on very limited information. When it comes to public domain, perception sometimes becomes more crucial than reality.

In a consumer society, people choose products based on perception, not necessarily quality. Popularity these days, are dictated more by perception than reality. However, we do not advise clients to create ‘fake’ image. We help those companies and brands we are good at work but do not have due reputation and high public image. We help them improve their image based on their due, not create a fake image.